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cheryl sharpley, july 2002

I designed my first website in November, 1999 as a required assignment for the introductory HTML/Web Design class at Foothill College.

The design experience was so interesting and rewarding, I decided to continue taking classes and pursue my interest in web pages and the internet. Other clients were soon calling asking for our help . . . and I was on the great adventure of becoming a website designer. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work and welcome your

Woodside Road United Methodist Church, Redwood City, CA
Woodside Road, United Methodist Church - Redwood City, CA

We believe that the Church exists to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to be a family church, serving our community and providing mission to the world.

Sunday morning worship and special services provide an opportunity for growth, celebration and community building within the church family. Through the reading, preaching and singing of God's word and through prayers and litanies we encounter the Spirit anew each week.

Nicole Etienne, fine art
Nicole Etienne

In her most recent series of paintings, Etienne has created a sumptuous feast of animals, colour, beauty and opulence. The compositions mix her dreams with myth creating new stories of heroic, sensual and queenly woman. Combining elements of a Contemporary figurative style with Rubenesque notions of colour and sensuality, Etienne’s ethereal scenes entice the audience into a surreal world of moments of private passions and dream-like scenarios. Emphasizing movement through expressive strokes of colour, many of Etienne’s works draw inspiration from classical literature and mythology, firmly establishing an intricate narrative to accompany the visual imagery of the paintings.

Spirited Hands

By day and well into the night Kathleen is a dyed-in-the-wool crafting goddess. Encouraged to “keep her hands busy” as a child, what began as a way to keep out of mischief bloomed into a life calling.

Years of crafting skills and Divine inspiration were the basis for launching Spirited Hands in 1996 and Kathleen?s Fabric Locker Hooking in 2001. The quest for just the right handspun yarn for locker hooking projects led her deeper into fiber arts and introduced animal husbandry into the artistic journey. Thus the birth of The Aunt Farm.

The Aunt Farm

The Aunt Farm is located in Edgewood, Washington. The 1907 farmhouse was part of an old dairy and the barn was fashioned out of wood salvaged from the old cow sheds. The farm is home to Pygora goats and Suri alpacas, both breeds chosen for their luscious fiber. The Aunt Farm hosts a boutique in November where Kathleen and her fellow artists gather to share their talents with holiday shoppers. The farm is open to visitors throughout the year who are interested in fiber producing animals.

Links Fore College Golf

Equipped with the knowledge of the college landscape Janet’s Links Fore College GOLF sets a compass for junior girls and their families to navigate the complexity of the recruiting world, guide in the admissions process and link high school players to “best fit” schools. If you are seeking to step into and prepare yourself for the transition to the collegiate ranks, it is invaluable to hire a determined recruiting advisor. Janet Coles carries that merit and proven track record, par to none.

Poised, Menlo Park

Poised™ is a health and fitness studio providing fitness training, nutritional counseling and healthful lifestyle planning to individuals, small groups and corporate small groups. Poised™ combines multiple training modalities to produce a unique style of exercise, creating a convenient total training experience in 30-60 minutes. This training joined with nutritional counseling and healthful lifestyle planning allows clients to derive greater wellness and fitness value and develops greater client satisfaction. Redesigned this site in 2012.

Let's Organize Now, Coachella Valley
Let's Organize Now

Professional Organizers serving the communities of the Coachella Valley and Rancho Mirage. They help individuals and small businesses organize their homes and offices. Organizing closets and drawers, setting up filing systems, decluttering are their specialty. Gift buying and mailing, notary services, emergency preparedness kits available too.

Messiah Lutheran Church, Redwood City

Messiah Lutheran Church, Redwood City

A functional church web site with a custom designed logo and an embedded calendar church personnel maintain. The home page features a slide show that captures the spirit and personality of the church in a few frames.  A cascading drop down menu allows the user to find all information on the site easily from any web page on the site. This site is currently inactive.

Los Altos Chamber of Commerce
Los Altos Chamber of Commerce

The Los Altos Chamber of Commerce site was updated in 2011. The site has a slideshow header, a virtual tour of community locations; a search function on their business directory page. Ongoing maintenance involves keeping their community calendar current, new members spotlighted, and member directory up to the minute.

Kristen Sharpley, opera singer


A website about my favorite opera singer . . .with a brief bio, a link to her pdf resumé, a link to current appearances, and a page where you can send Kristen fan mail. Any resemblance to her web site designer is purely coincidental
This site is currently inactive.

Boulder corporate short-term condo rental

Corporate/Short-Term (All-Inclusive) Accommodation at
Remington Post Condominiums (30th & Iris, Boulder)
Clean, comfortably furnished and fully-equipped, this really is a lovely one-bedroom Remington Post condo to call your home.
This site is currently inactive.

Henry Wood, Bay Area architect


Educated in Oxford and originally licensed in England, Henry Wood, A.I.A., has been working as a San Francisco Bay Area architect since 1977. Wood's architectural services include: site analysis, building survey, building and interior design, planning/permit processing, construction drawings and specifications, construction support. His web site shows detailed views of new construction, remodels, and interiors.

Etienne Gallery

Etienne Gallery - Ashland, Oregon
In the charming little gallery decked with a sunny yellow awning, visitors discover art that sings powerfully, movingly of life's simple joys and abundance. Nicole Etienne's bold works arrive from her quintessential New York painter's atelier. Suzanne Etienne's idyllic garden cottage painting studio lies steps away in Ashland.

Suzanne Etienne

Suzanne Etienne
This site showcases the work of artist Suzanne Etienne whose primary medium is acrylic on canvas. More than 80 paintings are featured. Etienne Gallery also presents a biographical sketch of the artist, information about current shows, and a form users can submit to inquire about customized work.

Retirement Administration Inc.
This website creates a web presence that allows the reading of quarterly newsletters online via PDF files and gives prosepective visitors insight into services offered. The logo and artwork were adapted from a brochure another firm had developed to give the client a consistent face and employs the grey/blue color scheme with its with its business-like "Wall Street” look throughout.
This site is maintained independently.

Senior Referral Services

Senior Referral Services
An easy-to-understand website that spotlights a service for finding housing placement for seniors. Besides detailing the services that proprietor Nancy Peterson offers, visitors can also read a biography of the chief executive and testimonials from clients whose lives have been changed for the better by allowing SRS to help them connect to suitable placement.

Helen Mehl Gallery

Helen Mehl Gallery
This site features the art of Helen Mehl, whose primary medium is watercolor. Helen resides in Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii and we were able to handle all the details beyond an initial meeting by her mailing photos of her work, and detailed information about each piece via email. She has a "purchase page" listing work available for purchase and asks interested parties to email or phone her regarding purchase methods.

J & L Digital Precision Inc.

J & L Digital Precision Inc.
J & L Digital Precision, Inc. has provided quality metal fabrication since 1967 for the aerospace industries of the seventies through the computer and biotech industries of the today. The site features details of materials used, the facility and high end equipment used to produce prototype and production runs with lead, OFHC copper, stainless, aluminum, steel, and most plastics for all industries including computer, electronic, food and beverage, and medical. The web site was developed by another designer in 1998;  some animated gifs were removed, custom navigation buttons installed, CSS employed to make pages load faster and look uniformly crisp and business-like. 
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